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As a homeowner or business owner in Lancaster County, PA, you already know about the beautiful landscapes and exciting tastes of different cultures we have right here in the area. From traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cooking to a thriving arts scene, what isn't there to love? Thanks to all the people traveling here from all over the country to enjoy our county, the roads, driveways, and business parking lots get lots of traffic daily.

When you want to keep your residential driveway looking its best for your visiting relatives or have a business parking lot needing attention, you want the work done right. Turn to us for all your residential and commercial paving needs in Lancaster County, PA! We'll ensure that the job is done right, so you can continue to serve the people who live in and visit our county. Get a quote today to get started!

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When you need asphalt repair and paving in Lancaster County, PA, you deserve our expert help. From asphalt resurfacing and installation to repair and total replacement, there's no asphalt service we haven't worked on before.

A freshly paved driveway leading to a house.


Home improvements not only make you happy but can boost the look of your house, upping its curb appeal. When you take pride in the beauty of the exterior of your home, you know your driveway can become an eyesore if it is not maintained correctly. Cracks and reveling on the surface, small potholes that grow into more significant problems, and missing chunks of the driveway that fall off the side and into your lawn are all issues we can address. Get help from the asphalt professionals today and restore your driveway to its former glory!

A freshly paved commercial parking lot.


Business owners know the power of a beautiful parking lot. They welcome potential customers or guests and help make your business look professional, clean, and put together. So contact the professionals when your driveway or parking lot is full of cracks and holes, ponding water, or simply looks ragged from regular wear and tear and you want it refreshed. We can help with all those issues and more to make your parking lot or driveway safer and more aesthetically appealing for your customers, guests, or clients.

What is Our Process for the Highest-Quality Asphalt Application?

You can successfully do many projects yourself, but asphalt applications should not be one you attempt. If the professionals make it look easy, that's because they've had years of experience and have the practice and knowledge to get the job done correctly and effectively. If you need commercial or residential asphalt repair or paving in Lancaster County, PA, contact us. We have a process to ensure top-quality work, no matter your asphalt needs.

An image of a driveway with many large potholes.


The first step of any paving project is determining the job's specifications. When it comes to asphalt installation, each job is different, and there's no single approach that fits all scenarios in either residential or commercial paving in Lancaster, PA. For the highest-quality work, trust the professionals at Lyons & Hohl to visit your site, determine the specs of the job, and give you an estimate.

An asphalt professional grades the area with a construction vehicle.


Grading is the second step before the application of asphalt in any project. Preparing the area before installation can ensure the asphalt applies evenly, has a level finish, and will last for the duration of the expected lifespan. Without grading, you can expect fissures, cracks, bumps, and holes in your new pavement much sooner than expected. Grading will help with proper drainage and will ensure a beautiful finish.

A crew applies asphalt, following behind an asphalt truck.


After grading the base, it's time for the asphalt application. Asphalt professionals work with warm material to ensure proper placement, tamping, and compaction with maximum coverage and effectiveness in application. The speed and placement methods are crucial in asphalt application, so leaving it to the professionals for a beautiful and functional asphalt application is essential!

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Does your asphalt have cracks, unsightly bulges, or pooling water? Is your commercial parking lot plagued with potholes so large you fear for the safety of the vehicles that drive over them? It might be time to get help from the experts! Fill out our contact form below, and you'll hear back from us soon so we can discuss all your asphalt repair and paving needs for your home or business here in Lancaster, PA.