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Is your commercial parking lot detracting from the professional appearance of your business or campus? Or is the driveway leading to your home cracking, fading, and reducing curb appeal? You need a premier driveway paving company in Berks County, PA.

If you need residential paving or commercial parking lot paving in Berks County, PA, turn to the asphalt paving professionals at Lyons & Hohl Paving.

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Our Berks County Paving Company's Services

As you search for paving contractors in Berks County and talk to people who have hired them, you'll probably discover they're not all the same.

There's a wide range of quality. Some only do large parking lots, while others only pave small jobs. Some don't patch potholes or offer free estimates.

At Lyons & Hohl Paving, we complete paving jobs ranging from small to massive, simple to complex, and from patching to complete repaving.

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When your driveway or another asphalt-paved surface at your home is no longer beautifying your property, it's unsafe, or it's simply unpleasant to drive on, we have a wide range of services to meet your needs. Our free estimate will indicate if your driveway simply needs to be patched or resurfaced. And if we determine your entire driveway needs to be replaced, we'll back that recommendation with facts. Get in touch for paving and resurfacing by a top driveway paving company in Berks County, PA, today.

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Is your commercial parking lot a hazard to visitors? Is it too small to accommodate all your customers? Or is it sending the wrong message about your business? There are many reasons why you might need parking lot paving in Berks County, PA, and our professional paving contractors are ready to discuss all your options—so you can be proud to welcome visitors. You can also extend the life of your parking lot when you work with us to carry out a long-term, money-saving maintenance plan.

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The Proven Lyons & Hohl Paving Process

Our process always begins with a free estimate. We'll ask you questions about your intended use for the paved surface and recommend a paving method that considers wear and tear and your budget.

The process we have developed, perfected, and used over and over ensures a long-lasting, beautiful paved surface for any application.


At Lyons & Hohl, we know the longevity and overall appearance of your paved surface heavily rely on the amount of time and expertise that go into preparation. Before we begin any asphalt paving project, we consider all safety concerns, properly prepare the area, mark all public and private utilities, remove the old concrete or asphalt, and get ready to grade your residential or commercial surface.


Some driveway paving companies in Berks County, PA, will recommend laying asphalt over an existing concrete or paved surface. At Lyons & Hohl, we know that's not a stable method. Your new driveway or parking lot can only be as good as the grading and stone underneath. The best grading provides a level surface and ways for water to flow away from the driveway rather than causing damage.


Only when fresh, hot asphalt is laid and properly compacted can your paved surface look and perform at its best. In this last stage of the paving process, the technique is crucial to the final product, and we ensure a quality result by extensively training all our paving contractors. Plus, we use only top-notch, heavy-duty equipment to pave driveways and parking lots that turn heads and stand out from the rest.

Are you ready to talk with an asphalt paving expert about your upcoming paving job? Can you benefit from our proven process? Contact us with questions or schedule your free estimate today.

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Looking for a Career with a Driveway Paving Company in Berks County, PA?

At Lyons & Hohl Paving, we invest in our employees—not only for their personal development but also for the future success of our paving company. No matter if you have extensive asphalt paving experience or are interested in learning, we have a position for you.

If you want more information about working for Lyons & Hohl, visit our Careers page and fill out an application today! You could be working for the premier driveway paving company in Berks County, PA, in the very near future.

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