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Harsh weather conditions, constant traffic, and heat can take their toll on asphalt surfaces over time, naturally wearing them down. These factors are why it is so essential to maintain your parking lot and correct minor problems before they develop into larger ones. Do you have a plan in place to repair cracks, prevent potholes, or correct drainage problems before they destroy your parking lot?

A smooth, crack-free parking lot makes a great impression when customers visit your office, retail location, or industrial park. Having your parking lot paving done by a professional commercial paving contractor will increase its longevity and ensure you have a high-quality lot. Your customers will be impressed by the new lot and your freshly painted parking spaces!

At Lyons & Hohl, we have been helping commercial businesses like yours keep their parking lots in shape, no matter what issues come up. We can handle all your asphalt parking lot paving and commercial paving needs throughout Lancaster, Reading, Downingtown, Coatesville, West Chester, and Chester County.

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Commercial Paving Services We Offer

Need asphalt paving, repair, or resurfacing for a retail parking lot, driveway, or other commercial application? Trust our team of dedicated commercial paving experts to get the job done right! We will work with you to determine your business's paving needs and use our 3-step process to ensure the proper installation of your asphalt paving.

Not sure what services you need, but know your parking lot requires some extra care? Contact us today and take advantage of our FREE parking lot analysis!

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Parking Lot Paving

Adding to or expanding a parking lot on your retail center, commercial building, or industrial property? Lyons & Hohl Paving has decades of paving experience and is ready to tackle any parking lot needs you may have.

Parking Lot Repair

If your parking lot has cracks, potholes, or any damage to drainage areas, bring in a professional to assess the damage. We can help troubleshoot damaged areas and work to get them repaired quickly and efficiently by our skilled pavers.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Even with regular maintenance, your parking lot won't last forever. If you have tried repairing problem areas and the issue persists, it might be time to resurface your lot. Let the professionals assess the damage and help you develop an action plan for your parking lot resurfacing project.

Commercial Driveways

Not all parking lots and driveways are the same. Some driveways will see different levels and types of traffic, and Lyons & Hohl knows how to plan for this. Your driveway should match your traffic needs because, without the proper paving, you will have problems down the road.

What is the Process for Paving a Parking Lot?

You want a commercial paving repair or replacement, but you don't want to turn any customers away during the process. We will ensure the paved area is up and ready for use with minimal delays for your loyal customers.

With our fleet of commercial paving equipment and experienced team of pavers, we provide complete solutions. We'll keep your asphalt paving looking great for years to come, from brand new parking lots and driveways to resurfacing, repairs, and ongoing maintenance plans. We coordinate our work schedule around your daily operations and/or other site improvements to give your location as little downtime as possible.

  1. We start our 3-step paving process by inspecting your current lot or area you are looking to pave to determine the right paving specifications needed for the job.

  2. Next, we look to make sure you have the proper grading for your lot and assess a stone layer to see if there will be adequate drainage.

  3. Our last step is to provide a proper asphalt application by using trained pavers to place, tamp, and compact the asphalt while still warm.

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What You Can Expect with Lyons & Hohl

Many local business owners have come to depend on us to maintain their job schedules as professional paving contractors. Our unique combination of expertise and specialized equipment means you can be confident there will be dependable service and professional results on every job.

At Lyons & Hohl, we're experts in parking lot paving and maintenance. We've been paving parking lots throughout Lancaster, Downingtown, Coatesville, West Chester, Chester County, and Reading, PA, since 1989!

We have the right experience and equipment to evaluate your parking lot and offer a detailed maintenance plan to keep your parking lot looking new longer than ever!

Common FAQs

Do you have questions about parking lot and commercial paving? We've gathered some of the most common inquiries we receive here for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us!

How long does it take to pave a parking lot?

Each parking lot project is unique, and the project timeframe will depend on your unique situation. At Lyons & Hohl, we work with your schedule and try to keep the downtime of your parking lot to a minimum. Reach out to us to discuss your next parking lot paving project and schedule a free parking lot analysis.

How long does an asphalt parking lot last?

With regular care and maintenance, an asphalt parking lot has an average lifespan of 15-20 years. You must also factor in the quality of the initial installation and the climate in your region.

How much is asphalt paving per square foot for a parking lot?

Several factors, like lot size and paving specifications, help determine the cost of asphalt parking lot paving. Additional factors that can add on fees include possible repairs to your current lot, new construction, and any resurfacing needed before paving.

Having an experienced estimator from a professional paving company—like Lyons & Hohl—come out and assess your needs will give you the most accurate cost.


When we resurface a parking lot, we add a new asphalt layer to the existing lot. To install the asphalt layer properly, we must clean the lot and repair any damage to low-level areas and drainage.


The cost of a parking lot paving job varies based on factors such as materials use or labor costs. If cost-effectiveness is a concern, rest assured knowing that work done by professionals who have adequately assessed your parking lot and determined the best materials for the job will be much more cost-effective in the long run. Jobs performed by someone other than professional pavers may result in a parking lot that wears down more quickly and needs repairs more frequently.

Please contact us when you are ready to have your parking lot assessed and repaired or repaved! Our experts will come and give you a free quote for your specific parking lot's needs.

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Your customers deserve a parking lot without cracks and potholes to enjoy coming to your business and spending money without worrying about their vehicle being damaged while they try to park. Our trained technicians will visit your business, give you a detailed report on the current condition of your parking lot, and will list any issues that we find with your grading, drainage, asphalt damage, and more.

We will also list our recommendations for repairs and regular maintenance that can extend the life of your parking lot. You've put a lot of money into your asphalt paving—shouldn't you do all you can to keep your parking lot looking great? Take the first step to ensure the life of your parking lot is a long one!

Our FREE parking lot analysis is open to commercial and industrial businesses throughout Lancaster, Downingtown, Coatesville, West Chester, Reading, and Chester County, PA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! The service is FREE, and there is no obligation!

Get a Free Parking Lot Analysis

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have had the pleasure of working with Lyons & Hohl on sitework and paving projects since 1999. During that time, they have always provided us with excellent service across the board from budgeting through scheduling and installation. Their can-do professional attitude, clean and orderly workmanship, and conscientious attention to detail has cemented them as one of our premier subcontractors. We look forward to working with them again in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Robert Griffiths, President Griffiths Construction Inc.

"Lyons and Hohl has consistently performed top-quality asphalt work at Longwood Gardens. Their paving work is not only long-lasting but also meets our demanding aesthetic standards. Lyons and Hohl have always been flexible regarding their paving schedule, ensuring work could be completed in a timely fashion without disturbing our guests."

Longwood Gardens Inc.