Know the Signs That Your Driveway Needs Resurfacing

Have you noticed the cracks in your driveway growing larger lately? Are you finding yourself navigating puddles of water or tripping hazards when you walk onto your driveway to get the mail? It’s a good idea to pay attention to these signs because they may mean that it’s time to resurface your driveway.

We all like to hope that our driveways will last forever and that we’ll never have to do a full driveway replacement, but the reality is that they are all subject to wear and tear over time and will eventually need some attention. If your driveway is over 10-15 years old, it may be time to take an honest look at its condition and determine if it needs some maintenance work.

Over time, your driveway will start to experience surface distress. Surface distress is caused by a variety of factors including hot and cold weather, drainage issues, and fatigue from the weight of cars rolling over and parking on driveways each day. While we already know why asphalt is the best driveway paving option, here are a few issues to look for that may indicate that driveway resurfacing is the best option for you. Continue reading “Know the Signs That Your Driveway Needs Resurfacing”