Your Guide to Parking Lot Repaving and Maintenance

Parking lot repaving and maintenance is often overlooked, yet it is critical for any business. Keeping a parking lot in top condition improves the property’s overall appearance and enhances safety for patrons and visitors. However, maintaining a parking lot surface can be too labor and time intensive for some business owners to take on all at once.

With our guide to parking lot maintenance and asphalt repaving, we will go through each step of this process so that you have what you need to get the right parking lot repairs and proper maintenance.

Additionally, we’ll also discuss tips on how to minimize disruptions to your business while repaving, as well as any tips on how to keep your newly repaved lot in the best shape possible.

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Unsure if You Need Driveway Resurfacing? Here are the Signs

Have you noticed the cracks in your driveway growing larger lately? Are you navigating puddles of water or tripping hazards when you walk onto your driveway to get the mail? It’s a good idea to pay attention to these signs because they may mean t it’s time for driveway resurfacing.

We all like to hope that our driveways will last forever and that we’ll never experience the inconvenience of a driveway replacement. Still, the reality is that they are all subject to wear and tear over time and will eventually need some attention. If your driveway is over 10-15 years old, it may be time to take an honest look at its condition and determine if it needs some maintenance work.

Over time, your driveway will start to experience surface distress. Various factors cause surface distress, including hot and cold weather, drainage issues, and fatigue from the daily weight of cars rolling over and parking on driveways. While we at Lyons & Hohl already know why asphalt is the best driveway paving option, here are a few issues that may indicate that driveway resurfacing is the best option for you. Continue reading “Unsure if You Need Driveway Resurfacing? Here are the Signs”

Why Asphalt Driveway Paving is the Best Option for Residential Properties

You probably hear home improvement experts on TV talking about boosting “curb appeal” or how your house looks to approaching visitors or people passing by on the street. Some easy boosts to make an excellent first impression include tidy and attractive landscaping, vibrant siding that hasn’t been sun-bleached, and a lawn free of the debris of daily life, like kids’ toys and old lawn equipment. These aesthetic issues are common, and most are relatively easy to fix. However, fresh asphalt driveway paving is the best way to boost the look of your home and make it a standout addition to your street!

You may not think much about that paved or stone surface that connects your home to the actual curb and beyond, but if it’s in poor condition or made of subpar material, it’s quietly undermining all your other hard work and ruining your home’s appeal. Especially if you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, having a professional asphalt contractor pave or resurface your driveway should be at the top of your improvement to-do list.

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6 Big Mistakes Most People Make with Asphalt Sealcoating

Your asphalt has seen better days, and you can’t help but think about when it was freshly paved and had a beautiful finish. Now its color has faded, and there are other signs of aging you want to address, like cracks or small holes.

For homeowners looking to save money on routine maintenance of paved surfaces around their homes or commercial business owners and managers tasked with keeping vast parking lots and access driveways in shape, going the do-it-yourself route with asphalt sealcoating seems like a great idea at first.

The truth is that driveway sealing and applying seal coat to asphalt in your parking lots can cause many headaches—and waste your valuable time and money—when done poorly. There are some common, big mistakes non-professionals make when attempting to renew the paved surfaces in their care, and we want to help you prevent that from happening.

At Lyons & Hohl, we have seen many seal coat catastrophes that required repaving to fix them. So, we know how important it is to have a paving professional come and look at your asphalt before deciding how to repair it. Don’t let overconfidence with seal coat cost you more than you should be spending. Instead, speak with the professionals today to help you learn about your options for asphalt repairs before you encounter any of these issues with sealcoating! Continue reading “6 Big Mistakes Most People Make with Asphalt Sealcoating”

Are You Curious About the Difference Between Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating?

A newly paved driveway’s smooth, black texture is great for curb appeal and always makes a fabulous first impression. But, just like everything else, asphalt pavement deteriorates over time due to vehicle traffic and extreme weather conditions such as intense sun, freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. Other environmental factors, such as road salt, engine oil, and gasoline, are also harmful to the pavement.

Eventually, your asphalt pavement will need to be repaired or replaced. That’s when homeowners typically begin looking for paving services like asphalt paving or sealcoating.

At Lyons & Hohl, we have seen homeowners who try to seal coat their driveway only to discover the real solution to their asphalt issues was paving all along. So, what’s the difference between asphalt paving and sealcoating, and which one is suitable for your driveway? In today’s post, we break down the differences and offer tips to help you decide. Continue reading “Are You Curious About the Difference Between Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating?”

5 Things You Need to Keep Your Commercial Parking Lot Safe

Parking lots are more than an essential business need. They are often the first point of contact your business has with customers, so if the asphalt paving is unsightly and unsafe, your business suffers. The place you make available for customers to park also represents how well your business is maintained. A commercial parking lot in poor condition will tell your clients that you do not take pride in your business or that they will not be safe on your property.

Since 1978, the professionals at Lyons & Hohl Paving have been helping business owners like you with parking lot paving, repair, and resurfacing for a safe and beautiful entry point for your customers. Hiring a professional paving company can fix parking lot deterioration issues caused by traffic, inclement weather, or drainage issues. We can help update your parking lot and look its best for years to come.

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If You See These 5 Signs—It’s Not Too Late! Replace Your Businesses’ Asphalt Driveway Today!

Your driveway is one of the first things your customer sees when they visit your business, so you need it to make a good impression. As a business owner, you know if you have a cracked, uneven driveway, this can give your customer a negative impression of your business or even cost you the customer!

When properly cared for and resealed every two to three years, asphalt can last for about 15 to 20 years. Still, no matter how often you maintain your asphalt, you cannot prevent freezing temperatures, ground movement, stubborn plants, or other conditions that affect your driveway. For these reasons, you need the commercial paving experts at Lyons & Hohl Paving.

Your asphalt driveway is not immune to damages. At Lyons & Hohl, we want your customers to see a beautiful driveway as they approach your business, not a cracked asphalt mosaic. From cracks to potholes, several things can not only damage the aesthetic appeal of your driveway but also damage its structural integrity. Continue reading “If You See These 5 Signs—It’s Not Too Late! Replace Your Businesses’ Asphalt Driveway Today!”

Learn the Answers to Your Top Questions about Parking Lot Depreciation

A parking lot is an essential asset to any business and is often one of your customers’ first interactions with your company. As a smart business owner, you know that maintaining your parking area by using a professional paving contractor is essential to providing a positive experience for your clients. So, if you’ve wondered about depreciation for your parking lot, Lyons & Hohl Paving is here with answers to some of your top questions. Continue reading “Learn the Answers to Your Top Questions about Parking Lot Depreciation”

Can Insurance Help Cover Asphalt Paving Repair for Your Business’ Driveway?

Cracks, pooling water, and potholes in the asphalt paving of your business’s parking lot or driveway aren’t just unsightly—they can be downright dangerous. Customers could trip or damage their vehicle while on your property, leaving you at risk of a costly lawsuit.

While your business’ general liability coverage may help pay for an injured party’s medical expenses, your property coverage most likely won’t cover your business’ driveway repair, with a few exceptions. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss what those exceptions are, plus provide tips on how to keep your business driveway in tip-top shape for your peace of mind and your customer’s safety. Continue reading “Can Insurance Help Cover Asphalt Paving Repair for Your Business’ Driveway?”

What is Asphalt Resurfacing, and How Does It Work?

It’s time. You’ve noticed your asphalt driveway or parking lot is looking worn. It’s showing unsightly cracks and holes that aren’t easy to fix with small repairs. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend the money to replace the entire pavement. With asphalt resurfacing from a trusted asphalt paving contractor, you can fix those ugly cracks and add years of life back to your asphalt without spending a fortune.

While it’s easier and more cost-effective than starting from scratch, resurfacing asphalt is still a multi-step process that you shouldn’t try to tackle on your own. For best results, look for a professional asphalt paving contractor near you. If you’re considering resurfacing your asphalt pavement, here’s what you can expect. Continue reading “What is Asphalt Resurfacing, and How Does It Work?”